May 12, 2005

Four years ago I adopted a Black Lab/Great Dane mix while living in a condo in San Jose. I began taking her to a day care that was located in a large warehouse with a small yard and found truth in the saying, "A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog".

When I moved to Brentwood I was given a 4 month old Black Lab puppy as a wedding present. My backyard was a pool, there was no where for the light of my life to run and play so he tore up a couple of things. Okay, it was a couple of things a week. Okay, it was every day but he was just a baby and what was I to do?? My husband wanted to get rid of the dog, even the kids wanted nothing to do with him.

A day of exploring in Brentwood has saved the day. My husband and I were driving down Balfour and passed a sign that read "Fiona's Farm - Doggie Day Care at its funnest"! My husband and I turned around and pulled in to find out where we could sign up. I was afraid it was going to be too expensive because now I had two dogs instead of the one I had in San Jose. That day we met Fiona, there was construction going on everywhere while a team of folks were building the dog kennels among other things. Fiona was leaving as we walked up and she told us she wasn't open for business yet and hoped to be very soon and handed me a brochure.

I stood and looked around and could not believe the amount of space she had for the dogs to run. I do not know how many acres there are but I could see about 6 large fenced in areas. Just one of Fiona's enclosures is as big as the entire Day Care Center cement building that I went to in San Jose and this was all land for the dogs to run free! I couldn't wait for the opening.

I put follow-ups on my calendar each month to check to see if Fiona had opened and finally the day had arrived. I took both my dogs out to be evaluated along with the copy of their vaccines, etc. My older dog knew what was going on because she had been raised in day care. My puppy quickly caught on to her excitement.

I am proud to say that I am one of Fiona's first customers. I buy the package deals and it costs me less than it did for one dog in San Jose. Both my dogs love going to Fiona's Farm and they are usually wiped out for a day or two afterwards. I boarded them both with Fiona a couple of weeks ago and it took about 4 days for the puppy to be back up to speed. Actually the puppy is not so much of a puppy, he will be 2 in June and I do not know what I would do with him if I did not take him to day care once or twice a week. People laugh at me when I say I have to leave work to pick up my dogs from day care. It may be funny to some, but it is nice to know my dogs are having a great time. I no longer have to feel guilty for leaving them alone for hours and hours while we are gone all day. And the destructive behavior only happens when I wait too long between day care visits.

An additional bonus at Fiona's over my previous day care; I let Fiona know about an hour before I come to pick up the dogs and she has them rinsed off and back up in the kennels awaiting my arrival. Fiona is also flexible and works with my crazy schedule. Some days I drop the dogs off before she opens and try to sneak them into the kennels. This never works because all the dogs start barking. Some days I am late, sometimes early but as I said, Fiona works with me to ensure my needs and the needs of my dogs are met.

We Love Fiona's Farm!!

Mary Elemen (The mom)
Davy Elemen (The baby)
Harley Elemen (The princess)
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